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This is chat for Little Monste
This is a chat about Lady Gaga's fans. Don't come here if you hate her, she is a queen! :-)
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КЯĠ 0 English 7 with ReverendRoxie22
" 7 with ReverendRoxie22" is a chat which discusses things about the spiritual life, as well as discussions about leading a more spiritually empowered life.
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mes lietuviai
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〖ֆϗ ͛͛〗
Chat for pros
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EDFORCE 0 English
Vox clan chat - agario
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Jace 0 English
〖єliтє〗 Clan
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Cybertronic universe. rp
cybertronic universe is a roleplay baseed on a story i wrote
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بچه های سکسی 0 English
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~⭐Illuminati Chat Of KoGaMa⭐~
Shat Illuminati de KoGaMa 7u7
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〖ᗩƒ〗[AsFuck] 0 English
ᏆᎪᎾ 0 English
ĐωЯ ☪ Clan - Fan Chat !
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мы всегда с вами 0 Русский