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supare akoko chat 0 English
Exspots 0 English
Major Mayor
e.g. Chat for all kind of people
0 English
Freedom for Cannabis 0 English
ıllıll Pak Army ıllıll
-`ღ__ ує ωαtαη huмαяα нαι hυм нain ραѕιвαη ιѕ к __ღ´-
0 English
Friends chat
Desi chat for hindi and urdu speaking communties join us here to share your views and make good friends
0 English
Edenoblivion 0 English
Have fun in the room. It is primarily an English language chat room. You may speak other languages if you want though. Like Urdu or Arabic, or whateva.
0 English
should loving someone hurt?
Chat for lovers and ex-lovers
0 English
چاتی قوتابخانه‌ی شه‌هید نەسرین
من قوتابیه‌کم له‌ قوتابخانه‌ی (شه‌هید نه‌سرین) له‌ پۆلی هه‌شته‌می (د) ناوم (شاد)ه‌
0 English
PakArmY 0 English
♣ Close to mOi Heart ♥
♥ It's Fun to Be YounG !! ♥ ♥ Khush aam Deed Dosto !! ♥
0 English
dldar 0 English
New World Group Chat 0 English
Balkan chat
Izbeglice,Azilanti? Sta se biti sa njima?
0 English
Yeh 0 English
0 English
Донецк. Перекличка по районам!
Перекличка по районам, в г. Донецке.
0 Русский
send shorter 0 English
No Canal
Espaço para os angolanos e amigos conversarem
0 English