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Pro Ana Chatroom 0 English
UltraMusiqi Ultra Musiqi
0 English
Enjoyment 0 English
WCQS Chat Room
Quitting smoking chat room
0 English
Cracking Chatting
New chat for some Cracking Chat!! Behave, be good and be merry!
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Never sleeping time
we should watch this movie okay
0 English
انانیموس 0 English
friends chat
Chat only for making friends, dont use bad words in public room, or els ull be banned, here we all r friends so be decent. Thnks for join Regards Rk
0 English
This Chat Room is exclusively for SRM Haryana Students and Faculty. You can post questions and doubts here.
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Fitness-Sidekicks 0 English
0 English
My Thoughts 0 English
Open thoughts
A chat room where those suffering with depression & other mental health issues can talk about there feelings and thoughts. Please be respectful of others and there feelings.
0 English
autism and aspergers
Chat for people with autism/aspergers and those effected by it.
0 English
Be counsel, Inspire, Educated, Empowered and give smiles.
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Lumina si Iubire 0 English
Beauties Live Chat
This chat is made for y'all to collaborate ideas faster.
0 English
Thirstythought 0 English
diabetes uk 0 English
A&G CHAT 0 English