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InfectedGamers™ Chat
Hello, this is for our TeamSpeak 3 server. ip:
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Gravity 0 English
Chat for the viewers of Minfinity
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Stop Bullying
Need help? You have come to the right place. Please wait to be assisted. If urgent, please private message an Administrator or Moderator.
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Promises general chat
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Frends Chat 0 English
Chat de Prueba
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Smash Bros Mexico
Participantes de Torneo Smash Bros Mexico
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Psychic Delight Chat
for psychic chat and readings and for circles
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Юрист Губин М.С,
Чат юридических консультаций онлайн
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Jo Marzi Princes...
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Death's Embrace-Live Chat
Death's Embrace-Wow!
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Worhaime Gaming
Just for WorhaimeGaming
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Live Chat just for Cerebro-WoW
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Nintendo Cafe
Welcome to nintendo cafe here is our menu: yoshi egg omlet 15 $ ness's chocolate bat 12 $ earthworm jim's earthworm cappachino 6 $ donkey kong's bannana late 7 $ samus's laser beam cupcake 3 $ bowser's fire hot chocolate
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چاتی قوتابخانه‌ی شه‌هید نەسرین
من قوتابیه‌کم له‌ قوتابخانه‌ی (شه‌هید نه‌سرین) له‌ پۆلی هه‌شته‌می (د) ناوم (شاد)ه‌
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