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graffiti 0 English
~єℓѕωσя∂~ !!
for the MMORPG fans!~ harassment or anything like that will be banned c: --> any kind of rp is okay.
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UltraMusiqi Ultra Musiqi
0 English
Ketu mblidhen adminet e Lugina e Ujqerve Kurthi
0 English
GV Chat 0 English
Fashion Chat
This chat is for all of the Fashion savvy girls and guys. Join us and talk a little fashion gabb. The latest fashion.
0 English
Chat room for Sketchinbros lovers.
0 English
Humanities Chatroom
Chat for participants in Humanities for Everyone Only. Others will be removed.
0 English
Friends chat
Desi chat for hindi and urdu speaking communties join us here to share your views and make good friends
0 English
Зелёный чат Володя.
Чат(сущ., и.п., м.р., ед.ч,)
0 Русский
Chat for Fnaf, Drawing, RP,
0 English
گلــــ♥ـــــزاریـــــ♥ــــا 0 English
Sabbook 0 English
Made in Asia
Discussion pour les vétérans de la Made in Asia
0 English
Otaku Chat (^・ω・^ )
Chat for anime lovers of all kinds!
0 English
Research & Development 0 English
Ceneci.Net 0 English
Chat for members of the dollars.
0 English
Chat for dorks... I won't judge you.
0 English
Taahira Adams
0 English