Procedure for payment

  1. Chatovod — free service;
  2. But you can buy optional additional services, such as:
    • for chat owners:
      • PRO-tariff for chat;
      • Uplift chat in the chats catalog;
      • Highlight chat in the chats catalog.
    • for chat users:
      • VIP-status;
      • Additional paid smileys.
    • for advertisers:
      • Advertising in the chats.
  3. Payment of paid services is made for coins and only registered users Chatovod (having Chatovod account).
    Coins — is an internal payment unit in Chatovod service;
  4. To purchase any paid services you should have in your account sufficient coins.
    View the status of your account at any time or fill it in different ways you can on the website of coins;
  5. After payment of any paid services, they becomes available to you at once. Occasionally there may be delays up to 1 hour;
  6. If in the process of buying coins or pay them a paid service you are having problems, you can write us about this.
    Your request will be handled on a priority basis, no later than during the day.