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Avalon School Chat
Chat room for friends. :D
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جـــــمـــــــــع مــــــــــا 0 English
C.S.A Official
Hallo Semua Anggota C.S.A Selamat Datang :D
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CHATWI 0 English
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samour 0 English
دامغان چت 0 English
let's talk about Sophie Paris :)
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junaidchat room
This chat room is avail for all users.enjoy the and invite other users.
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Chat for Darcy's friends.
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Smile 0 English
Our Chatroom 0 English
Wlcome to Chat Room 0 English
Religion & Philo
Religion & Philosophy Chatroom
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Parent Support Chat
Chat for parents of exceptional and special needs students.
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Being madonnian
For madonna students,teachers,parents.etc even those that havd graduated and about to graduate.
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for friends and family who wanna in touch with eachother. (enoying and asocial people get banned immidiatelly)
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IQ! Place 0 English
C's Hangout
cassie's true friends and family chat
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Just really cool people
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