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Cookie Pookie 1 English
Telugu Chat Spot
Telugu Chat Spot Decency is our Dignity
1 English
Love chat
A chat room is an online platform that enables users to communicate with each other in real time.You can chat here without registering you nick.It's a place which keeps you in touch with your friends
2 English
HotStars 1 English
mrgif 1 English
Hindu dominance 1 English
Dark cave 1 English
Sluts Villa 2 English
It's just a DIAPER!
This is a chat room for all things about diapers and people who need/like them. But its not all about diapers...
1 English
D P F - Diaper Pal Friends
A universal chat for different topics.
0 English
XOXO 1 English
50 Y MAS
Sala para tener un dialogo coherente y educado entre personas adultas
1 English
Pakistani & Indian chatroom for decent chat and fun chat (urdu+hindi+punjabi)
1 English
خونه 1 English
Braces German Chat
Deutschsprachiger Chat über das Thema Zahnspangen und Kieferorthopädie
1 English
Real talk 1 English
Tam takılmalık sohbet ortamı ╚► Hadi gel senide bekliyoruz.
1 English
Tyke's Playdate 1 English
nekitosXD 1 English
Interfaithxxx 1 English