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Cue the Singapore LGBTQ+ Youth
A general chat for Singapore lgbtq+ youth, where you can hang out, meet online friends, and talk about lgbtq+ issues, or otherwise. Basically talk about whatever, as long as it's PG, or SFW.
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Ask question privately
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The Sharpening Stone
Exploring the stationary plane, that is earth
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AQUÍ... -Resuelve tus dudas. -Pide tu cita para sesiones de fotos (no disponible actualmente) etc...
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Indian Pakistani Gay chat room
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Colegio San Diego
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BrickPlanet CRASHED! Chat here
Chat about Brick Planet
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Yayci 2018
Yaycida Qalanlar ûcun chat !
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Entre tu y yo
Chat para analizar noticias Entre tu y Yo.
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Chat used to discuss info about public safety and general chit chat.
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