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Friends Chat Room
Searching for Pakistani chat rooms ? Finally ! you are the best place for chatting with Pakistani best and decent Girls and Boys so join for making new friends.
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Welcome To PakiJazba chat .... Stay Here make Friends. and no abusing allow here , Respect male or females .. keep listing Radio All Of Users Can Request For a Song In Song Requests On Main Request is Not Allowed , >>>>"" :)
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Fernanfloo Fans
Chat para fans de Fernanfloo.
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telugu gay sex chat 1 English
Chat Rooms ~ TextChatRoom.Com
Welcome to Text Chat Room - www.TextChatRoom.Com. Best Chat Rooms !! Can also join from & from !!
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Confesiuni Anonime (ROMANIA)
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Thinspo Chat
Pro Ana chat for support in love and understanding. No preaching, no coaches, no shit. (The original, been here for years) Keeping old skool pro ana alive!
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играем в мафию. давай к нам!!!
в этом чате, Сообщество Анонимных Мафиози ( будет проводить игры. все гоу к нам!
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{RED} Star Club
...Albay Cavidin Chatina Hos Geldiniz...
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