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New Zealand Political Chat
NZPC General Discussion
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TOF Community Chatroom.
TOF Chat
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Chat and Meeting Cneter for the Scorg Organization, check us out at
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It's a chat room for making new friends from whole around the world. We also providing live chat support for How to Chat Online on this site. It's free and no registration required. It's also an online dating chat room
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Promises general chat
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Truckers Reporting
This chat is for truckers who feel lonely and feel like they need to talk to someone, if you would like some assistance please let Al the Trucker know.
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چتروم انجمن رسمی Stickman 0 English
A.L.I is Alive
Want to help the development of an AI? Come join today!
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supare akoko chat 0 English
Exspots 0 English
Major Mayor
e.g. Chat for all kind of people
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Freedom for Cannabis 0 English
ıllıll Pak Army ıllıll
-`ღ__ ує ωαtαη huмαяα нαι hυм нain ραѕιвαη ιѕ к __ღ´-
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Friends chat
Desi chat for hindi and urdu speaking communties join us here to share your views and make good friends
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Edenoblivion 0 English
Have fun in the room. It is primarily an English language chat room. You may speak other languages if you want though. Like Urdu or Arabic, or whateva.
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should loving someone hurt?
Chat for lovers and ex-lovers
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چاتی قوتابخانه‌ی شه‌هید نەسرین
من قوتابیه‌کم له‌ قوتابخانه‌ی (شه‌هید نه‌سرین) له‌ پۆلی هه‌شته‌می (د) ناوم (شاد)ه‌
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PakArmY 0 English
♣ Close to mOi Heart ♥
♥ It's Fun to Be YounG !! ♥ ♥ Khush aam Deed Dosto !! ♥
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