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Misophonia Survivers
This is for people with Misophonia to chat with others who have it too. we are not alone.
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Chat for friends and family
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About the future and the scope of pharmacy and medical Profession.
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Stand up to TMJD!
Chat for tmjd sufferers, or people supporting the movement of standing up to Tmjd! **Please visit my page for more info and to take a stand!**
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Tamil Chat Room
Super tamil people chat room
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Pakistan's very own Chat room 0 English 0 English
Suicide Support Group Room
Anyone who is feeling down, lonely, has suicidal thoughts, or just needs to talk are invited here to join.
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Insta Help
This Chatroom is For all People from All countries throughout the globe Available 24/7 Ask your Doubts , our Professional Friends will Help You in best possible way asap. Ask any doubt you have related to anything Whatsapp: InstaHelp +918420445676
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Ana & Mia Support Group
This chat is an Anorexia and Bulimia support group. Those wishing for a network of support and to have general discussions are welcome.
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fans de musica
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㉦ΔĐΣŞ㉦ Clan
Bienvenido Use ㉦ΔDΣS㉦ Nick Para Jugar En Este Clan Gracias Si No lo Usas Vas A Ser Baneado
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It's for dem relly cull fams dat live in the wall of corn warea.
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