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Chat room Corner is Decent and Family Chatroom. our Gupshup Lobby is Full with Desi Girls and boys Use any random nick and Join without Registration
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Nekonwn 168 English
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Hepimiz Birimiz İçin Birimiz Hepimiz İçin
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Sala General
Chatear, volvió mejor que nunca
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Georgian chat/ქართული ჩატი 53 English
Indian Chat Room
free indian chatroom for all indian boys and girls.
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Etalia es un servidor orientado al rol...Mantenganse por favor dentro del rol de sus personajes y comentarios fuera del mismo al minimo posible...Gracias.
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MISS Chat 20 English
Cindia Medical Chat Room
Chat room to discuss medical examinations, mandatory examinations for school, university, employment, militrary, general, gynaecological examinations
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tüm sanal Aleminin Babası burda
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Chat about braces, as the old one was removed
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Sevgi ve huzur dolu bir chat. :]
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Bollychat is the best Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi DECENT with LIVE RADIO chat to make Friends.. also other Languages are welcome.. ITS A DECEN FAMILYCHAT ! You can become RJ and Host your own Live on air show ! Join now !
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JP on Agario community chat
The chat of the youtube channel "JP on Agario" community.
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❣❤❥ دورهمی ❥ ❤❣
⎝♥ بيا دوره همي ♥ ⎠ بیا داخل خوششش میگذره
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