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this chat is for any teens who have daily problems with life. We are all a team of teens and hope to help you solve your problems. Such as stress and depression or even just basic things.
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ŦĐĐ Clan
ŦĐĐ ☯ clan chat spam=1hour ban
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Canal do SMOKKE AJUDA DANDO SEU LIKE DE ESMOLA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQBA193YgC51gaz8sxX2nxQ
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Free Pakistani Chat Room
Here You Can Chat absolutely Free Join Now and Enjoy New Topic and Friends.....
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β¥€ ☬ ¢ŁДŋ ☬
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ÐØĿĿௐ agar.io clan
new agar.io clan free to join!
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Fighting Depression
DON'T SUFFER ALONE! Depression is such a monster to bear, it's good to know that there is help out there if things get really bad. We're here to raise money for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance for the aid of those suffering every day from an in
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ᗰĮᒪƑ Clan 0 English
Rules : Need to know trickplit,SplitRun,POpsplt Like A Pro XD use tag :【ββ】 all of the TIME And Good Luck :)) Skype:Fluxylv
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...at 7 with ReverendRoxie22
"...at 7 with ReverendRoxie22" is a chat which discusses things about the spiritual life, as well as discussions about leading a more spiritually empowered life.
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૮ท૨ ☼
[size=30]Bem vindos ao Clã - ૮ท૨ ☼ [/size]
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Online Telugu Chat
Chat for Telugu people. Cool - Sensual - Romantic Chat site
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clook 0 English
ツClãn OFICIAL╠ᔕя╣ツ 0 English
૮ℓα кเ††эя
Bem Vindos Ao ૮ℓα кเ††эя
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Official MAR clan chat
This is the official Mar clan chat
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