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Old Rythmers
Radiotelegrafisti di Marina
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Hash Dag - Official Chat
This is my official chat where fans can play together, here is the tag name so you can recognize each other ❰𝓗Ɗ❱
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✮ ✮ ✮Bright Star Chat✮ ✮ ✮
http://decentchatgroup.chatovod.com/ Welcome You To The Pakistani Chat Room  Pakistani Chat Room is very nice, Decent and Good.. The Best Hindi/Urdu/English Decent Chat To Make Friends.. Also Clan Chatters And Other Languages Are Welcome Here..
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KGRA Radio
Mobile chat for www.KGRARadio.com
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Imvu Quick Chat
This chat will be used. for Imvu Chat aswell as imvu Live radio chat. you can ask for requests etc.
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REGLAS. 1⇨ Todo miembro que publique pornografías O spam sera expulsado del grupo 2⇨ No publicar grupos, si paginas si alguien publica algún grupo reportenlo al administrador 3⇨ Respetense mutuamente y sobre todo alas mujeres el grupo se trata de
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Zona Mix Live
Chat para visitantes a Zona Mix Live seccion Livestream
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Radyo Teori
Radyo Teori Canlı Yayın
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DxChat by A.R.M.I.
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