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ProAnaChat - Hier kannst du mit Ana über alles reden
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Hey. Ich bins. Deine Beste Freundin. Von jetzt an werde ich nicht mehr von deiner Seite weichen. Du kannst hier mir alles schreiben, was du willst, du musst es nur verantworten können. Deine Ana
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Bipolar Only
bipolar chat
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Social Anxiety Disorder Room
Social anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by others. This makes living a normal life very difficult. But Do Not Worry..!! This Can Be Cured U Can Overcome This..!! Chat With Us!
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Plz like and subscribe me
Hlw friends this is my YouTube channel plzz subscribe my channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtMCuu3qMEWRTHGn9G4_1nw
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Ana Chat
Chat for anorexics and bulimics
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Your Life Helpline
Discuss any problems
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اتاق فکر کتاب پرستاری(zappata)
هیچ کس بجز پرسنل پزشکی و پرستاری و همچنین دانشجویان علوم پزشکی وارد نشود.
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Farmasi Sohbet
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Lesbian Girls Chat Room 0 English
Hi chat room
Hi chat room for VIP or registered person " Chat Tag " Pakistani Indian * Family Decent Chat Room * Friendly Friendship Chat * Fun and Funny Chat * " Admin Nadia Jannat " Pakistani "
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Xoş gəlmisiniz
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eating disorder chat
A safe space to talk about eating disorders and other mental health issues
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Smartbot chat-room 0 English
Hola a todos este chat es para fomentar la buena convivencia y los buenos hábitos de el buen comer y el ejercicio sin mucho estrés así como recetas de cocinas y ejercicios
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دردشة أطباء الأسنان 0 English