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One India Chat
This chat is opened for everyone around India to share their experiences and their life stories. Everyone are friends here and we will be very liberal and friendly to you. Please avoid spamming/abusing others because we will not be tolerating them.
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Clan 「Cᵃᵗᶳ」!!!
Hola amigos,les precento este chat para todos los del clan de todo tipo de agar
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e.g.My Martychat 0 English
Social chat
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da squad
this chat was made for me and my friends but anyone is welcome
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If Inder comes in, don't reply to them.
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Red Clan 01
Leader Umut'un Chatı ♔
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Taşındık 0 English
AdonYa ChaT 0 English
MY PLACE 0 English
general chat
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Freaks Beyond School
Chat for friends BFF
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Chandi, punjab,himachal,delhi
Chandigarh, mohali, panchkula, punjab, himachal, jammuu, delhi, haryana
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K-Air 0 English
Онлайн чат без регистрации
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Chill ZONE 0 English
entra cuando te aburras
para los que no tienen nada que acer y se aburren
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Senja - Chat en español 0 English
Shahvatchat2 0 English