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for anyone that wants advice
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Chatsco- Meet New People
Welcome to Chatsco! The site where you control! Want to send a photo for the world to see? Wll you can do that with Chatsco!
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Skulk Chatroom
This is a channel were you can ask me and the squad questions :P
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escuela juan de la barrera
chat para la escuela juan de la barrera :3
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Clan Oficcial тяøи 0 English
clan tremor
chat do clan ŦŘΜ
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The Real Champs
We play on these servers http://agar.io/?ip=agarioforums.io:431
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Chat for love
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JRL chat
voor JRL B1B
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Agar.io official 【ℙℝƬƦ】 chat
Chat Para Miembros Del Clan 【ℙℝƬƦ】
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Chat For ZT-TrickSP Fans!
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اموزش عربي - د عربي زده کړه
اموزش زبان عربی - عربی ژبی زده کړه
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Fighting Depression
DON'T SUFFER ALONE! Depression is such a monster to bear, it's good to know that there is help out there if things get really bad. We're here to raise money for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance for the aid of those suffering every day from an in
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