Why your site needs a chat?

  • Chat helps to keep and attract a new audience for your site;
  • Chat — convenient location make new friends;
  • Chat helps in the formation community of loyal users;
  • Chat greatly increases the average time people stay on your site;
  • You can make money on it, chat itself monetize the audience of your website;

What are the advantages of Chatovod?

  • We immediately give you a completely free multiplayer chat;
  • You do not need to invest in the development and support chat;
  • Install a chat on any site can be in a few minutes;
  • A large base of users who are willing to talk;
  • The addition of new services and the continued development;

How can I earn money?

  • There are additional paid services in the chat, you will receive a commission on all payments;
  • You earn 50% of the payments for each user that communicates in your chat;
  • Inviting new people to Chatovod or to any chat, you earn 10% of the income generated by them + 10% of the payments made their nicknames;

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