Sizin sitede multiplayer chat widget eklemek için, ya da sadece bir sohbet oluşturmak ve bazı para kazanmak için hızlı ve ücretsiz izin!

Şimdi kendi chatını oluştur!

Key advantages of the Chatovod chat service

Always on top

We strive to make the world's best chat service and will not stop.

Free and without limits

The free version of the chat does not have any serious limitations.


Scalable and highly efficient architecture. Doesn't slow down your website.

For any purpose

Use it for entertainment portals, open or closed communities, customer support, or your business websites.

Always available

Due to geographical distribution, the service continues to work even during local disasters.

Highly configurable

Adjust permissions, modify CSS, upload your smiles, and do much more to make your chat unique.

Optional paid services

You receive 50% of your chat users' spending that you can spend on optional Chatovod services yourself.

Convenient public and private rooms

Create different themed rooms in your chat. Use read receipts in direct messages.

You will like it

Retain the audience of your website and create new connections.

How does it work?

  1. You create a free multi-user chat. For chat users, it is also free;
  2. If you have a website, you can add a chat widget (HTML code) to it.
    If you have no website, then you can use a standalone chat under a subdomain;
  3. In your chat room, chat users talk, buy optional paid services (VIP status, gifts etc.),
    and you get 50% of their payments to spend in Chatovod.
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