Payment procedure

  1. Chatovod is a free service;
  2. But you can buy optional services such as:
    • for chat owners:
      • PRO tariff for your chat;
      • Raise your chat in the chat catalog;
      • Highlight your chat in the chat catalog.
    • for chat users:
      • VIP status;
      • Additional paid smileys.
  3. Paid services are available only to registered Chatovod users (having a Chatovod account). Users use "coins" to pay for paid Chatovod services.
    "Coins" is an internal payment unit that can be used only in the Chatovod service;
  4. To pay for any paid service, users should have a sufficient amount of coins in their Chatovod accounts.
    To view the status of your account at any time or fill it in different ways, you can use a coins website;
  5. If a payment for a paid service is complete, the service becomes activated instantly. Occasionally, there may be service activation delays of up to 1 hour;
  6. If while buying coins or activating a paid service you face problems, you can write us about it.
    Your request will be handled on a priority basis, no later than the next day.